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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

FDM Directors board is now meeting on a regular basis following the escalation of Coronavirus and is now into working to a disaster management mitigation programme.

Steps already being taken by FDM and put in place earlier in March are as follows:

  1. All staff must follow the government guidelines and wash hands as often as possible, and immediately entering the building. Signs to this effect are all entrances to the building.
  2. All door handles, telephones are being sanitised on a regular basis throughout the day.
  3. If staff have family members or co‐house sharers who have direct or indirect contact with anyone who has come from the known infected areas to stay at home and self‐isolate for 14 days.
  4. To avoid public transport if possible and arrangements have been made for additional car parking at the company’s premises.
  5. To limit face to face contact with clients, suppliers or public unless they need to do so. If applicable staff have been trained with the use of Skype.
  6. Where we have staff who can work from home for all or part of the week, the company is actively encouraging it ‐ particularly if the staff use public transport.
  7. The company have ensured there are sufficient stocks of hand wash and sanitisers.
  8. The company have stopped all non‐essential business personal contact.
  9. All staff who can work from home will be encouraged to do so and we have checked that their IT equipment/software is up to date/virus free and that they can log on and continue business critical tasks.
  10. The company has actively tested the data links to our DR site and updated plans and workloads.
  11. The company have secured, and where possible brought in, additional stocks of base materials including paper, inks, toners and envelopes.

With the recent measures issued by the Government FDM will now be moving to enhanced measures to ensure that we can continue to provide services whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and clients. FDM is by its nature a manufacturing company and sections of our work force must be physically working at the company’s data centres to produce the work you require. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have all staff working from home.

We are closely following government advice to businesses and will continue to react accordingly.

At this stage all production is to timetable, but we will continue to meet regularly and assess what is a fluid situation. We will update clients accordingly of any changes to the above plan and any circumstances.

In the meantime, we wish you and your colleagues all the best in these unprecedented and challenging times.

FDM LTD ‐ Board of Directors