FDM Mail

FDM Mail

Unique Mailing Service Specialists.

At FDM every member of staff is trained, every machine and software investment is made, and every procedure and process is designed to achieve this goal. Our state-of-the art laser printers provide high speed fully variable, multi-page documents in either black and white or colour.

Royal Mail Downstream Access Provider

Not only are we a complete in-house print and mail operation, we are a fully licensed Downstream Access provider with Royal Mail, giving you access to the lowest possible postage rates using both Royal Mail and our own FDM Mail.

Providing cheaper, faster & more efficient solutions

With unrivalled expertise and personal service to match, our aim is for organisations to enjoy effortless document delivery and unrivalled postage services to ensure that you always receive the best deal.

Reducing the processes that cost time & money

FDM sorts every outgoing envelope set using our leading-edge electronic mail sorting equipment and transports it directly to Royal Mail inward mailing centres for final mile delivery.

Unrivalled postage services

Print & Mail Specialists

We specialise in mailing customer critical communications, such as bills, statements and voting documentation, requiring 100% reconciliation and a “no-fail” postage date.

25+ Years Experience

We have provided tailored solutions for over 20 years and have a proven track record of delivery, driving process improvements and efficiency savings.

Data & Document Matching

Our printers are complemented by our fully automated mailing systems which intelligently match and enclose multi-page documents with selective inserts.

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