Hybrid Mail

Our Software, Your Solution

Hybrid mail software for public & private sector organisations
Safe & Secure

Send and receive data safely and securely with 256 Advanced Encryption Standard.

Easy Set-up

Only pay for the documents you send with no set-up, management or ongoing fees.

Live Tracking

Track and trace every document from the minute you upload to the moment it hits the post.

Save up to 70%

Real cost savings by eradicating the need for time consuming manual processes.

Unique Features

Hybrid Mail makes sending your documents easier than ever before.

Built for you

Manage all your staff, users, Groups & Teams with simple administration profiles & usage rights.


Scalable to work with you and your teams. Big or small Hi-mail® has options that let you adjust as you go.

Document Library

Store your documents in one place to save valuable time. Integrate with Hi-mail®'s Custom Profiles

Same Day Mailing

Upload letters before 3PM and you can benefit with same-day mailing service at no additional cost

Dedicated Support

Specialist support team are on hand to ensure you're back up and running in no time.

Document Archive

Look up any of your previous letters sent with no restrictions from our Document Archive feature.

Start Sending Smarter

Save up to 70% on your print and mail with Hi-mail®, the Hybrid Mail solution powered by FDM Ltd.

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