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Private Sector

Significantly improving business performance

FDM’s primary aim is to make organisations more efficient. We achieve this through a range of processes and new technology deployments to advance business communications and provide more choice within the private sector.

Dedicated Account Management

Market leading account management with extensive knowledge and experience of the markets we serve.

Innovative Technologies

Contract implementation, transformation and development using innovative technology to drive continuous improvement.

Communication Effectiveness

Commitment to delivery of savings opportunities and process efficiencies whilst increasing communication effectiveness.

Comprehensive range of transaction, operational and marketing print & mail

FDM provides a comprehensive range of transactional, operational and marketing printing and mailing solutions to banks, retailers, SMEs and professional service organisations all within the private sector.

Leading Document Technology

Cutting-edge document technology and innovative mailing solutions.

Performance Improvements

Continuously improving business processes and performance.

Maximising Your Returns

Helping to reduce costs and maximise returns whilst improving communication.

Understanding your needs

In a competitive global economy with over capacity in almost every market, every organisation wants to stand out from the crowd and provide products and services at profitable prices.
Cutting-edge Document Technology

With cutting-edge document technology and innovative mailing solutions, we deliver real results that continuously improve business performance, helping companies to simplify processes, manage budgets, reduce costs and maximise returns.

Building Lasting Partnerships

FDM is committed to building lasting partnerships and providing market leading, innovative and cost effective services which enable organisations to control content, brand, and cost with increased speed of turnaround.

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