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FDM recognise that organisations can often find it difficult to calculate the true cost of postage, but that smarter, more efficient management of mailing operations can bring about substantial savings.

FDM have provided tailored postage services for over 25 years and have a proven track record of delivery, driving process improvements and efficiency savings whilst ensuring continuity of service.

Unrivalled Postage Services

With unrivalled expertise and personal service to match, our aim is for organisations to enjoy effortless document delivery and unrivalled postage services to ensure that you always receive the best deal.
Royal Mail or FDM Mail

Choose from traditional Royal Mail or FDM Mail and take advantage of our DSA services.

Data Optimisation

Data optimisation & cleansing, Sortation & unique processes allow for maximum postage savings.

Document Matching

High quality and secure service that meets your requirements and exceeds expectations.

Downstream Access Provider

FDM is unique amongst mailing companies. Not only are we a complete in-house print and mail operation, we are a fully licensed Downstream Access provider with Royal Mail, giving you access to the lowest possible postage rates using both Royal Mail and our own FDM Mail.

To achieve these savings, FDM sorts every outgoing envelope set using our leading-edge electronic mail sorting equipment and then transports mail directly to Royal Mail inward mailing centres for final mile delivery, removing the pre-sortation process from Royal Mail’s process and therefor achieving greater postage savings.

FDM’s software programs enable us to analyse and clean your raw data to ensure accurate and complete addresses and achieve complete conformance with Royal Mail guidelines and attain the maximum possible postage discounts.

Endless Advantages
  • Complete In-House service
  • Unique FDM Mail™ DSA postage options
  • 100% reconciliation through the entire process
  • Royal Mail Mailmark™
Huge Savings
  • All major sortation options available
  • Proven track record of service delivery
  • Huge savings with FDM Mail™
  • Save even more with Hi-mail™ – Hybrid mail by FDM Ltd

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