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Hi-mail upgrade – Version 8.1

Today we are pleased to announce that Hi-mail version 8.1 is ready for deployment and brings with it a range of new features and enhancements for all of our new and existing customers to benefit from.
Below you will find some important information about the upgrade process, downtime and other useful info.

Expected Downtime

The Hi-mail upgrade will take place towards the end of August and will involve not only an upgrade to the Hi-mail software and services, but also brand new dedicated hybrid server upgrades which will improve performance, reliability and over capacity.

By now, all of our existing clients will have received an email detailing the exact times and dates that their services will be taken offline. We will send another email 24 hours before each scheduled downtime to remind all users that the upgrade is going ahead and will advise all users again once the system is back online and available for use.

What’s included in 8.1?

The latest version of Hi-mail brings with it a range of security and performance upgrades as well as some new features and enhancements. The full details of the new software will be released in our official release notes which we will send out nearer the time.

Here is a quick overview of what’s included in 8.1:

  • New Enclosing Barcode Technology
  • New Super Administrator Roles Added
  • New White Label Branding Options
  • New Virtual Printer Submission Mode
  • New – User Account Locking Options
  • Upgrade – Improved Password Security Options
  • Upgrade – Authentication Options for VP & Web Portal
  • Upgrade – Various Speed and Performance Upgrades
  • Upgrade – New Dedicated Hybrid Server Upgrades

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